Evelocity Service Offerings

For businesses, communities, and individuals alike, electric vehicle adoption represents many exciting changes and opportunities for growth. But even as the rate of adoption continues to climb, there are obstacles that must be evaluated and faced head-on.

Obstacles such as “Where should new charging infrastructure be installed in our local community?” and “With all of the interstate corridors across the state, where should fast DC charging being installed?” and “Which vehicle is right for my organization’s fleet?”

Failure to take a data-driven approach to these roadblocks could be detrimental to EV innovation and adoption. That’s where Evelocity comes in.

We have developed two key methodologies for helping public and private organizations, and other leaders understand the data, evaluate alternatives, and approach their transformation plans with success.

Evelocity’s service offerings include:

Fleet EV Transition Planning

This methodology produces many key deliverables, including:
  • Data-driven Suitability Scoring
  • Economic ROI for electric conversion
  • GHG forecasted reductions
  • EV charging infrastructure requirements
  • Capital and operating budget requirements

Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Planning

This methodology produces many key deliverables, including:
  • Strategic goal-setting

  • Traffic data analytics

  • EV charging station demand and usage forecasts

  • Site selection options

  • Site surveys for implementation details and all budget requirements

Paving the Road for EV

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