We are at a point in time where the question is no longer if electric vehicle (EV) adoption will happen, but how exactly it will unfold and at what rate.

Evelocity was founded in 2017 because of this simple fact – and since that time, the excitement and momentum surrounding electric vehicle adoption in the U.S. has only continued to grow stronger.

  • Global automobile manufacturers have made strides to produce new electric vehicle models at lower costs to the end consumer, opening the market to far more people.

  • Battery technology is continuing to improve, allowing drivers to shed their hesitations about battery range.

  • The trucking industry has begun making commitments to EV fleets, reflecting the vast potential of this growing segment.

  • And through all of these changes, EV charging infrastructure has continued to expand.

Of course, much more progress is needed on this front in order to keep up with the growing public demand. It is a simple truth that the shift towards electric vehicles cannot succeed without the support of more charging infrastructure.

This is the Evelocity mission: Paving the Road for EV

As electric vehcile adoption continues to gain momentum, a growing number of organizations, government entities, and other markets have developed an interest in shifting towards EV fleets and installing charging infrastructure. Exciting changes are on the horizon, such as:

  • Leaving gas engines behind

  • Lowering emissions, in turn improving air quality

  • Shifts in personal, commercial, and industrial use of vehicles, especially as ride-sharing and autonomous driving technology becomes more prevalent

But while interest is high, understanding the many details remains low

This growing interest has raised questions about:

  • How to evaluate fleet transition options

  • Charging infrastructure and other engineering requirements

  • Where charging infrastructure should be installed, given variables such as interstate corridor locations, population size, urban layout, etc.

  • Funding requirements

  • Forecasts for rates of change

…and that’s where Evelocity comes in.

This is the Evelocity mission: Paving the Road for EV

We help clients understand and assess their options by drawing from our expertise in the EV industry.

Using the lessons learned from early EV adopters is critically important to success. We have partnered with people and organizations who:

  • Have years of firsthand experience in the clean fields transportation sector

  • Have evaluated the relevant traffic and data analytics

  • Have developed infrastructure and made transitions happen

This spirit of collaboration is a fundamental component of the Evelocity model. Together with these national and regional EV experts, we answer the questions your organization needs to move forward and embrace change.

These skills have enabled the Evelocity team to organize itself into a Services Model that helps organizations to evaluate two critically important topics, Fleet Vehicle Transformation to EV and EV Charging Infrastructure Plans. Our partners include:

lilypad logo

LilyPad EV…a national leader in EV charging infrastructure implementation, and a premier partner of ChargePoint

Sawatch Group…a national leader in fleet vehicle transformation; building data-driven business cases to support change

Alternalite EV…an innovative regional electrical contractor in NEOhio emphasizing both EV and LED technology

Meet the Founders of Evelocity, LTD.

Mike Betts
Mike BettsCEO
As CEO of Evelocity, Mike is passionate about building a team of strong and deep expertise, organizing it based upon people having years of experience and lessons learned in markets where early adoption of EV has been successful, and then creating new services that will help all types of organizations to move forward with plans to electrify transportation in America.
Chris Klym
Chris KlymDirector
Chris’ passion is all about the broad strategic objective of supporting EV adoption in America, particularly emphasizing those regions that need to build more momentum and pick up the rate of change. With a long history of helping private and public entities, Chris makes great contributions in helping focus on infrastructure build-out and fleet transformation opportunities.

Paving the Road for EV

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