Green Fleets Conference Hosted by Clean Fuels Ohio

The Midwest Green Fleets Conference for 2018 concluded on September 26th. It was hosted in Columbus, Ohio for the 10th year by the folks at Clean Fuels Ohio.

The conference objective was “Revving Up for Opportunities in Advanced Fuels & Vehicle Technologies.” But in more practical terms, the event was all about education, sharing lessons learned, and networking with people and organizations that are moving forward in our new transportation world.

More than 350 transportation professionals and like-minded individuals convened at this event, the largest of its kind in the region. Topics such as advanced mobility, advanced fuels, and vehicle electrification were discussed.

Evelocity is all about the electrification world, building out electric vehicle charging infrastructure and helping to evaluate and plan for electric vehicle fleet conversions.

Even though alternative fuels is not our focus, attending this event again was a very positive thing for us to do.  We are so grateful to the Clean Fuels Ohio team, and the Executive Director, Sam Spofforth, for a legacy of leadership in this arena. Not only in Ohio, but across the entire nation.

There are so many compliments and praises we would like to share regarding our experience at the 2018 Midwest Green Fleets Conference:

  • The spirit of the event was very high-energy and fun.
  • The momentum of innovation in the alternative fuels and transportation field continues to grow impressively.  This year’s attendance looked to be more than 350 people.
  • People want to help one another…the philosophy to educate and share lessons learned is a strong one.
  • The progress every year in the industry leads to case studies and presentations of awesome results.
  • The benefits are big economic returns, clean energy improvements, and the long-term disconnect from the global petroleum industry.
  • Stakeholders all want to participate. There are public and private organizations all over the agenda, including cities, counties, private companies, and regulatory agencies.

It’s a great event, and we highly recommend planning to attend next year. You’ll join a fun, innovative, likeminded crowd who shares a common passion for advanced fuels and vehicle technologies. We hope to see you there!

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