Electric Vehicle Adoption: Numbers Don’t Lie

gray electric cards charging

In simplest terms, Evelocity is an analytics brand. We do all of our work with public and private organizations in the electric vehicle space with data-driven analytics as our highest priority.

That’s because organizations need real, solid numbers in order to implement innovative new operational plans. Teams need ROI data to support changes to EV fleets, as well as capital and operating budget numbers to move forward with EV charging infrastructure designs.

For years, we’ve been keeping a close eye on electric vehicle adoption, industry metrics, as well as paying attention to how the transportation industry as a whole is shifting and evolving.

Here’s one example of the types of electric vehicle data and trends we look for:

In an EV industry summary post on August 10, 2018, CleanTechnica included a chart listing the Tesla Model 3 as the 8th highest selling vehicle in the U.S. in July (see this chart below).

This is a HUGE deal! The fact that an EV has reached the Top Ten in monthly sales validates the industry’s position as a continuous growth model, with very significant long-term implications.

Numbers do not lie – this is simple and powerful. The industry continues to evolve with many more EV choices, better mass market pricing, and more EV charging infrastructure to support them.

Keep watching these numbers change over time…it’s going to be a fun ride as electric vehicle adoption increases!

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